Why not be your brother’s keeper today? You never can tell, that your brother may turn to be your keeper tomorrow. The earth we live on rotates and revolves around physically and does that also spiritually. But the spiritual controls the physical.

When you are in the position to make provision, provide; and build protection when you are in the position to protect. Yesterday might be your turn, today is still likely yours but tomorrow may be the turn of your brother. Your brother could be anybody around you.

My dear, do not prefer and pray to receive help but rather to render help. It is more blessed to render help than to receive it. For if you build your life in receiving you will be like the earth which receives light from the sun but always rotates and revolves around and never stable. Build your life in giving, always ready to help, be the light of your people like the sun always giving light to the earth, and it is fixed and stable, always unshakable. Be ye unshakable!


Categories: SHORT SENSE

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