img_20180524_194939_2081109616303.jpgThe word THINK means To Harvest Inwardly the Natural Knowledge. There are wisdoms and knowledge located deep inside of a man, just like conscience, they have been planted naturally. One of the keys to these wisdoms and knowledge is thinking – meditation.

That solution you are searching for in overseas is right here where you are, just think to harvest it for the plantation is already in you. But a man should be careful of what he thinks because there is great power in meditation. Whatever a man thinks, that is what he harvests and becomes. If he thinks evil, he harvests evil and becomes evil. But if he thinks richly, he harvests riches and becomes rich. Always take a moment in your life to meditate , then knowledge, ideas and solutions will come.

These are what we should call common sense but now it is rare sense to the unthinking man. Always think good, don’t even talk nor act unless you have thought.


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