Do not let praise out of your own mouth for your own self but let your mouth commend others’ good works and do not expect your good work to be commended by men. Do good to men for the sake of love and not for praise.
A controlled mouth is a controlled life. The mouth is the steering of your life in the journey of your destiny. Always be positive in your words, for there is power in your mouth to command life or to command death.

If you are humble in your heart be also humble in your mouth; for humility is the refiner of a man. Like silver and gold pass through the fire to be brighter, great men pass through humility to be greater.
Be fast to hear but be slow to speak.

Whoever thinks he is wise but can not control his mouth is a deceiver of himself for such wisdom is foolishness unto him. Life is not in talk-talk but in do-do!


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