We have a problem. The problem we have is that we create more problems solving a problem. Every problem has solutions but not every solution solves a problem. There are tolerating solution and lasting solution to a problem. Tolerating solution is a short term solution. It is an imaginary solution and only cushions the effects of a problem. The lasting solution is the long term solution to a problem. It is real and the true solution to a problem.

Imagine that one has headache because of malaria; how long will he continue to take only paracetamol? Imagine that one has a punched Tyre on a long journey; how long will he continue to only pump the Tyre? Will this solution not be more problematic?

That is the problem of our economy, Religion, family and every relationship we see today. My dear, even if you are currently in a short term solution to a problem, make plans for the lasting solution for that is what helps you.


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