TextArt_180526132225.jpgA hungry man who has a tillable land but never cultivated is not poor but rather foolish. Although foolishness produces poverty, but he who tills his land is satisfied.

There is a tillable land inside of every man. It is the potential of a man. It is the power or the ability to make wealth; which has been deposited deep inside of a man. Even as the physical land needs to be developed, the inside land though not made with hands, needs to be developed also.

Stop complaining of hunger again. What is that gift or talent that is inside of you? Go out now to cultivate it; do not observe the weather, for he who observes the weather never cultivates. Don’t wait for poverty to crawl to your door. Do not only cultivate, but also nurture it to maturity.

Then rejoice for the harvest time has come and your light shines. Your old friends are back again and the new ones are numerous. But this time be careful, watchful and prayerful. Let us ‘kinematize’ our potentials to shine our light.


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