They say “experience is the best teacher”. You may have your reasons agreeing fully with the statement but I only partly agree. Do you have to contact AIDS before you know that it is deadly? So many have refused to learn from the mistakes of others. They rather prefer to make that same mistake before they would learn. They have refused to read books of knowledge, neither have they given their ears to the wisdom of the elderly.

This foolishness of having experience before understanding is one of the major causes of problems in the society today. Have you wondered why some drivers would rather speed up after passing a scene of accident that was caused by over speeding? Why is it that after so many sex educations, there are still high cases of STDs and unwanted pregnancy? The most annoying part is that a person can have a particular experience for a multiple times without learning. So how has experience taught such one?

I fully agree with the second version of the statement “Others experience is my best teacher “.Learn and take corrections from the mistakes and experience of others because life is too expensive to be taken as ordinary specimen for experiments.


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