I love baba God,

He is d bright morning star,
He sweet pass maggi star,
Even d 3 wise men saw his star,
The sky is full of his stars,
And the earth full of his superstars.

He is coming back again brighter,
With his holy harvesters,
To harvest his own superstars,
I try to b among d superstars,
But it is not by power nor might but by his grace.

Then we shall rule with him like kings,
We are not afraid because we know where we belong,
To the the family of king of kings,
In our government, life everlasting we shall bring,
Sickness and hunger we shall not bring.

We don’t promise and fail because we are not worldly chiefs and kings,
Worldly chiefs and kings promise silver and gold but it is not their belongings,
For silver and gold belong to the king of kings,
Our names are already written with heavenly inks,
To make it to d list, go to Him for he has d links,
He is the son of God, the king of kings,
He will write your name in the book of future kings,
Go to him by faith and not by works,
For by work shall no man prevail…



(This song is open to any tone for a good singer).



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