Time is a free gift of nature given to every man. It is abundant in nature but limited to individuals. Time is a primary resources which other resources depend on. It is the universal raw material through which everything on earth are made. There is nothing that was made that was made without time. Even the creation of God required time to be completed.

There is time for everything. Through it kingdoms are made and destroyed. Through it men plant and reap. No successful business exist without adequate time investment. Time is what you require in that your project to bring it to a desirable end. It does not really matter the kind of work you do – whether you are a doctor, lawyer, engineer, man or woman, what makes you successful is the quality of time you invested in your career.

Those who employ others actually buy the employee’s time to achieve a purpose. Do you desire to be successful in a particular business? Start it now and invest your time in it. Start it small, let your time grow it to your dream.


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