The concept of incubation time is important in the development of anything in life. The understanding of this concept produces patience, determination and positive expectation, necessary for the growth and development of business or any chosen career.

Incubation time is the lag period between the time of execution of idea and the time of desired result. A farmer understands this concept. He plants, nurtures and waits for the harvest. He does not plant today and expects to reap today. He knows that there is always the incubation time, which is the period between the planting season and the harvest.

The ignorance and the poor application of this principle has caused a lot of crisis in the society. Many people would start a business today and expect the business to start paying them today. They would end up being disappointed by their expectations which would result in frustration, failure and total loss of the business.

It is wrong, useless and fruitless to harvest the crop you planted today. Give that your business time, nurture it, be patient, resilient, determined and focused. After the incubation time comes the desired result for no matter how long or short the break-even point may be, it must surely come.

Therefore let nature teach you that there is time to invest and there is a different time to gain.


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  1. Wow a nice article. Also in this incubation period, we have to continually do the necessary things in order to make it a success


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