Planting alone is not enough to produce great harvest without watering. There is need to plant and again to water in order to reap. (1 Corinthians 3:6). One of the major problems Christians face today is the disharmony between planting and watering. The two must go together.

Why should you pray for a particular result but relaxes after you have received the answer to the prayer, forgetting that you also need to pray for the preservation of the answered prayer? If you prayer today for five minutes, it requires you to pray for ten minutes tomorrow. The prayer you need to preserve a result should be more than the one that got the result.

If you plant a seed today, you would need to water it severally in the near future, including weeding, pesticides and fertilizers application. Until one becomes conscious of this principle, he may think that God does not give a lasting miracle. This is one of the reasons why some Christians would receive healing or deliverance but after sometime the same problem they were delivered from would reappear. They might have failed to maintain their miracle by watering it with more prayers and holiness.

Whenever you are praying for an open door, be well assured that you must pray more against the many adversaries that might follow after. (1 Corinthians 16:9). Whenever you are praying for deliverance from an evil spirit, remember that you must fight more against the seven more powerful evil spirit that might find their way back. ( Luke 11:24-26). Our challenges increase day by day as we grow.

You will agree with me that the challenges of a local government chairman are different from that of a state governor, which in turn are different from that of the president. Take for instance, that you are currently a local government chairman aiming for the position of a state governor, you are directly or indirectly praying and aiming for more political challenges of the seat of the governor. Of course, this future political challenges would require more prayers and hardworking. If you prayed five minutes as a local government chairman, you would definitely need more than that as a governor; not necessarily the time factor, but more effectual prayer and hardworking.

If you fail to pray more when you have received the blessing of your previous prayer, the enemy would turn your blessing into curse, since you have refused to trust in the God that gave you the blessing rather you trusted in yourself. (Jeremiah 17:5).



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