The statement “let the dead bury their dead” as was used by Jesus in Luke 9:60, confuses many, knowing the fact that the dead is not capable of burying the dead. The dead have no knowledge and therefore can do nothing according to Ecclesiastes 9:5. It is good and necessary to always examine everything in the light of God’s word without the exception of God’s word.

Imagine what would have happened to Jesus if He did not examine the scriptures given by Satan the tempter in Matthew 4:1-11. By examining the scriptures with scriptures, we get the true meaning of them. It would not be sensible for Christ to order the dead to bury the dead having known that the dead have no such power. Many Christians today make that mistake of misinterpreting the word of God because they fail to use the search light of the other scriptures.

Now to get the true meaning of that statement by Christ. Let us recall what the scripture says in John 3:18, from this we know that those who do not believe Christ are already dead. Therefore Christ was referring to those who did not believe Him as the dead. In other words, let unbelievers, who are spiritually dead bury their physically dead. Having examined this scripture by another scripture, we receive a clearer and the true message of the word.

Let us build the habit of examining all things in the light of God’s word, including our decisions, actions and words.


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