Most of our problems in life come from our home. No doubt about this fact. The bible also says that a man’s enemy is a member of his household. (See Matthew 10:36). No great attack can come to someone except it is from his foundation. This is because your foundation knows everything about you. They know your weakness and your strength.

Hardly will arm robbery attack take place in an area without the help of a insider in some capacities. The insider would give the criminals the necessary information needed to carry out the attack. In that same manner are spiritual attacks carried out with the help of insiders.

Remember that it was the help of Judas that Jesus was easily captured. (See Matthew 26:47-50). It would have been difficult for the soldiers to arrest Jesus without the help of Judas. The most dangerous power fighting Christians today is the power from their father’s house.

Paul had the same problem. His brothers (the Jews) knew him very well even from his very beginning and that was what gave them the power to boldly accuse him of so many things. No great accusation came from outsider his brothers. When Paul was brought before Felix the governor, he could not judge Paul because he lacked the foundational information to judge. Also when Festus came into power he could not judge Paul because he is not familiar with the Paul’s tradition. But Paul was happy to express himself before King Agrippa knowing that King Agrippa is expert in all customs and questions which have to do with the Jews. (See Acts 23-26).

Any power that does not understand your terrain can not pursue you. They would first study your terrain before they can attack. But the good news is that the genuine Christians, those who are born of God, are like the wind. Those wicked powers can not understand where they are coming from or where they are going to, no matter their hard study. It is difficult to have such Christians attacked. (See John 3:8).

However it is still important to look back at your foundation to understand the forces fighting you. Such forces as family Idols, covenants, vows, oaths and the like are Satan devices. We are not supposed to be ignorant of these devices.


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