It is normal for human to search for solution of a problem when it comes. But the question here is, where is the solution sourced? Christians that know who they really are, do not look for solution anywhere else because the solution is in them. Those solutions that the world seek are found in the body of Christ.

According to Matthew 5:13, “You are salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.” Salt is a substance that has flavor and for that reason it is used for seasoning food. In the context of that scripture, salt is the only substance that has flavor and as such the only substance that can season food. So whenever salt loses its flavor, nothing else can season it since it is the only substance that has flavor.

Therefore, God telling you that you are the salt of the earth simply means that you are the only solution to the problems of this world. You are the solution to the problem of your country. In that your family you are the only solution. You are the only one that can solve the problem of your organization. You are the giver and not the begged. You are the healer and not the afflicted.

It is an error for a Christian to run out of faith in search of solution especially in their hard times. The troubles in their lives seem to be too much for them to endure and wait on the Lord in prayer and fasting with faith. They would say “this problem is too much; I don’t think it is ordinary. Let me go to village to see the native doctor to find out who is behind this”. And they would forget that they are the solution to that problem including that of the native doctor. The native doctor is the one to seek for solution from the true Christians, because they are the salt of the earth.

Off course, the problem is not ordinary. It could be to prepare you for the future. It may just be to stop you for a while to save your life. It may just be to draw you closer to God. Christians should draw closer to God whenever they have challenges of this life rather than running out of faith in search of solutions. As a salt, no one can season you when you lose your flavor but the bible says that iron sharpens iron (proverbs 27:17). That is, the only one that can restore your lost flavor should be a salt also.

The best practice is to run to your Christian brothers and sisters who have the Spirit (the Solution) for help. We are made for one another, where one is weak, the other is stronger, and vise versa. God has made it this way so that no one should boast, and to unite the Church. (See 1 Corinthians 12:25).

We should always try to imbibe the habit of helping ourselves in the body of Christ. When one is sick, he should call his Christian brothers for prayers rather than running to the world for fake healing. (See James 5:15-16). Always remember that you are the solution to the whole world more especially those outside Christ.


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