The bible asks a very revealing question in Psalms 11:3, “when the foundation is faulty, what shall the righteous do?”. A careful look at the above question will infer an answer that even the righteous ones can do little or nothing except the foundation is corrected, not to talk of the sinners.

So many foundations or alters are built with bloods, be it animal or human bloods. These bloods are thick and very powerful that they have the ability to speak either for or against someone. (See Hebrews 12:24).

Most of our homes today are built upon evil covenants of which members of that families and even the unborn are all subjected to. If these covenants say that no one will prosper, that person has a serious battle to fight against.

Please note that this Psalms 11:3 does not contradict with the word of God in Ezekiel 18. It is a different thing when your father has sinned on his own and when your father has got engaged in an evil covenant involving you and has dedicated you to it. It is easy to get over the first case, that is when you father has just sinned. This is because, according to Ezekiel 18, only the soul that sins shall die.

But in the second case, blood is involved and it is very difficult to get over it. It requires a higher covenant to get over it. It can not be gotten over with any other higher evil covenant, “for a kingdom divided against itself can not stand”. (See Mark 3:24). But only with the blood of the new and everlasting covenant – the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. “For the old things have passed away and behold all have become new”.

I charge you to embrace the new covenant to enable you conquer all those old evil covenants speaking negative things against your life. You may not be aware of some of those covenants because you might not had been born by the time the covenants started operating. But the truth is that they know you very well and make up the familiar spirits.


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