They would tell them “you are the leaders of tomorrow”,
But rather tomorrow is another sorrow,
Because they would lead today and rule tomorrow.
They would suck the treasury and leak its marrow,
They would leave the arable land fallow,
but expect them to be the future Pharaoh.

The youth had drawn the swords from their sheaths,
But they say “return them back to their sheaths”,
“We shall create jobs, give scholarships”,
They gave some jobs, gave them scholarships,
So the rich keep maintaining their relationships,
But to others, they say “go back to the farm”.
Now they have gone back to the farm.

But the problem is too many shit
Because these birds too dey poop shit,
Everyday them go dey pack shit,
Even in the bedsheets,
The fowls won’t care to poop shit.
No amount of serviette sheets can clean the fowl shit,
Chai! Is this not a bullshit!?

When you complain, they say ” you too dey complain “,
When you talk, they say “you too dey talk”,
“Don’t you know the money is in the fowl shit?”,
“The jobs, the scholarships, all in the fowl shit”,
They have accepted the business of the fowl shit,
But no farm machinery, so they risk their health in the fowl shit,
Chai! Is this not a bullshit?

Many desire to carry placard,
Some retreat for the fear of red card,
They believe they can do a lot with their voter’s card,
Some refuse to register for voter’s card,
They believe they may miscount their ballot card,
And that their votes may never be counted
Unfortunately this has resulted to selling of voters card

How could you sell your mind, sell your future,
You destroy the nation, sell its picture,
You conspire with them to destroy its structure,
They kill the nation you chose to eat, are you a national vulture?
Don’t sell but vote the side that builds infrastructure,
Vote the side that will restructure.




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