Bako: 7 Signs You Aren’t An Entrepreneur ❌

…in series with Bako The Young Entrepreneur (A Summary Of Entrepreneurship)

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. The good thing is this; irrespective of what we do, we are all useful and contributing to the economy in one way or the other.

Here are the signs you aren’t one of them:

🔹If you can’t take the responsibility of creating or running a business.

An Entrepreneur is responsible for creating and running a business. They wear the cap.

🔹If you don’t have a growth mindset.

Entrepreneurs are always on the move, acquiring, growing and developing useful skills.

🔹If you lack the boldness to express and market your skills.

An Entrepreneur is always ready to show that he/she can do it, even better

🔹If you are usually comfortable with ‘the good condition’.

Entrepreneurs believe there’s always a room for improvement.

🔹If you are too afraid to fail.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and failure is their toothbrush.

🔹If you are too emotional and sympathetic to another person’s losses.

Entrepreneurs take advantage of disadvantages to make profits.

🔹If you see money as evil.

Entrepreneurs love money.

The list goes…


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