Afronelly Advises Uprising Artists In Port Harcourt


Wonne Afronelly, popularly known as #AFRONELLY, a presenter at Garden City 89.9 FM Port Harcourt and a producer of the popular program ‘MY ENVIRONMENT, MY WEALTH’ on Radio Rivers, has advised the upcoming artists within Port Harcourt who participate in the #FastidiousDrops program to drop their songs directly into the WhatsApp group created. She said that with this new method, new songs will get more audience even before they are played on radio. She further urged them to join the WhatsApp group through: https://chat.whatsapp.com/2ksNwRvhAsw4GZqiTW7Wds


Full statement bellow:

Hello everybody, PrimNproper Africa apologies to all Artists on #FastidiousDrops ( music chart segment of the program) who have requested for a physical meeting but it hasn’t been fixed.

Bear with us please because that will soon be done.

That aside, I want to use this time out to inform/advice all uprising artists who are with us or intend being part of what we do that, the reason why we want you to drop your song directly into our WhatsApp group (through the link) is very strategic because, when you drop your song in the group, there are over hundred ears in the group that will get their hands on your song (and even create audience for you) before it will be played on the radio and that is a huge step forward.
Also, in the group we usually hold some tutorials and trainings to help you promote yourself and your work of art.
Most artists rather overlook this important directive(s) and goes ahead dropping a link or links for us to download their song(s).
Credit goes to #AFRONELLY who through the ups and downs we face (in this part of the world) still takes time out to create these platforms to empower youths worldwide;
She produces and host 2 radio programs for 2 radio stations *without being paid*.
#PrimNproperA through her CEO Afronelly doesn’t want to go through the stress of going to download any artist’s song through a link of any kind aside the WhatsApp group.

No one else sponsors this #fastidiousDrops program aside the sole efforts of #AFRONELLY, none of you (artists) have ever said, let me appreciate this Lady with this or that token….
We can’t forget to recognise the efforts of @FLOWZ CHRIS KETU who donates cash and items to our environment project.
Most of you guys don’t even know the essence of having a Twitter account. Even those that have, when you play their songs and tag them *#NP* they’d just like post only, no retweet.
It saddens because you don’t know the audience you are losing.
It’s so difficult for you to follow the Twitter account or program handle or presenter giving you free airplay.
Some would join the group as soon as their song airs, they would leave the group, some feel too big to join chart BUT would be begging for free radio airplay.

Your nonchalant attitude drains the brain.

Just a bit of this, #FastidiousDrops chart will soon premier on other platforms which would further increase and improve our/your audience/fan base.

Two years (2yrs) down now the chart has been up for free but , soon I’d be introducing the committee in charge of *#FastidiousDrops* chart and you may have to be charged some token for you to enter the chart.
We just need few serious minded artists who are ready to be taken to stardom.

Thanks and be wise!

Serious artists join group here.

Hello! You can join https://chat.whatsapp.com/2ksNwRvhAsw4GZqiTW7Wds

Only clean #primNproper songs are accepted from Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Africa Songs can be sent here:

The following are what we need:

*Song title*
*Song artist*
*Song producer*
*Song lyrics*
*Twitter handle*

We promote both artists and producers on various radio stations. For daily airtime play and hypes call 07013126558 – T/C apply

Follow @wonneAfronelly @primNproperA @myemywealth @BlissOctano on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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