Bako: Who Is An Entrepreneur?

…in continuation with the story of Bako The Young Entrepreneur

The meaning of the word “entrepreneur” is quite wide, considering that it’s a personality with multi-skills. In the word, you will find a leader, a manager, a risk bearer, a designer, a marketer, a promoter, an innovator, etc.

The following definitions can help give a better understanding

🔹An entrepreneur is someone who takes the responsibility of creating and running a business.

🔹An entrepreneur is someone who is always acquiring and developing his or her skills; readily searching or digging out business opportunities.

🔹An entrepreneur is one who is bold enough to create and market something new.

🔹An entrepreneur is someone who’s smart enough to improve or re-package an existing invention, products or services.

🔹An entrepreneur is an opportunist, who takes advantage of disadvantaged conditions to make profits for themselves.

🔹An entrepreneur is someone who has a goal.

🔹An entrepreneur is one who starts the future, now.

Please feel free to add to the list…


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