The Differences Between Business People And Entrepreneurs

The word entrepreneur surely does have everything to do with business or businesses. Therefore, this writeup isn’t intended to cause semantic conflicts, but to expose those slight differences between business people and entrepreneurs.

All Entrepreneurs are business people, but all business people are not entrepreneurs.

The Differences:

Entrepreneurs: are usually driven by their dreams and desires to impact, create and innovate solutions to problems.

Business People: are usually driven by the pressure to make money and more money, always reminding themselves that there are bills to be paid.

Entrepreneur: Businesses are chosen by entrepreneurs.

Business people: They are chosen by the business.

Entrepreneurs: They fret retirement, even after making so much success.

Business People: Very comfortable with retirement, so long as money keep flowing into their bank accounts.

Entrepreneurs: Are always in business even in the face of attractive job offers.

Business People: Are usually in business due to lack or unavailability of desirable jobs.

Entrepreneurs: Fulfilment comes from serving others. They serve with their products or services

Business People: Fulfilment comes only from making the money.

Entrepreneurs: Never measure success with respect to money in the bank, or Forbes recognitions, but in mentoring and grooming others.

Business People: Success is measured by “how much” and Forbe’s recognition of assets; quite indifferent about mentoring others.

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