The Place of Skills in Entrepreneurship



Skill is defined as an ability that has been acquired by training.

Skills do play a far more higher role than talents.

Skill believes that everything is learnable.

Research has shown that children tilt towards what they see their parents do.

Observation is a vital component in TRAINING

Having seen how lucrative Sports and Show businesses are nowadays, some parents now hire private coaches for their children.

It’s all about SKILL= ability to do…thanks to training.

Doctors are doctors, because of the training they recieved.

A computer programmer is in programming business, because he was trained to be one.

Its’s not always about talents, but skills.

In as much as you can identify and direct your talent along a certain path of skills; it’s also very important you choose skills that are viable, relevant, marketable and saleable.

Entrepreneurship is all about: Can it sell? If it can’t sell, what is the joy of being in business?


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