The Place Of Talent In Entrepreneurship

Talent is simply the uncommon natural ability to carry out a particular activity. That unusual innate ability is Talent. Every human do possess some degree of talent. Talent left uncultivated, ungroomed or unmentored, ends in obscurity.

This is what Talent should look like:

There’s no contention in Talent.

Mr. A may be talented in making the best Nigerian native dresses, while Mr. B is talented in marketing the best Nigerian native dresses.

There’s really no contention; as one can not be said to be better than the other.

The best Nigerian dress maker needs the best Nigerian marketer to market his good products.

On the other hand, the best Nigerian marketer needs the best Nigerian dress maker to keep producing those good products for him to market.

That you love music does not always mean you must be a musician.

Music is a big industry

✔Yes, you love good music…,you can make a good singer

✔Yes, you love music…,you can make a good producer

✔Yes, you love music…, you can make a better director

✔Yes, you love music,…you can make a good marketer.

It takes a lover of music to market an album or a musician.

Every product or service has a value chain. Find your own spot along the chain and explore it, but do not limit yourself to a spot.

Every talented coach/manager does not necessarily have to be an ex-footballer.

There are talented teachers, musicians, barbers, designers, painters, footballers, motivational speakers, writers etc. It flows naturally.

Whatever you can freely and enjoyably do for about 3 hours, without getting bored at it, could actually be a pointer to your talent.

Note: Talent is not all that matters in entrepreneurship; relevant skills plays even a wider role.

Talents can be developed, through training, reading, and regular practices.

If you can do it for 3 hours enjoyably, even without being paid, its a pointer to your talents.


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