Do You Really Want To Be An Entrepreneur?


It’s on record that small businesses in USA have only about 37% chances of surviving the first 4 years, and about 9% chances of surviving the first 10 years. In Nigeria, it’s generally assumed that only about 13% survives the first 4 years. In Nigeria, lack of financial support from financial institutions is the biggest discouragement to entrepreneurship. The few banks, willing to support entrepreneurs, are known for their outrageous 2-digit interest rates.

The following comparison will guide you in making up your mind.

Note: Entrepreneurs are employers

Comparison Between Entrepreneurs and Employees

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: They can work almost from anywhere

🔘Employees: They are usually confined to offices

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: They work for longer hours.

🔘Employees: Usually work for 8 hours

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: They work to create money

🔘Employees: They work to you earn money

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: They don’t recieve regular salary

🔘Employees: They are sure of regular salary

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: Free to use their time.

🔘Employees: Not free to use their time.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: They take and bear risks.

🔘Employees: No risks involved, except for fear of being sacked.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: Growth and success depends on ideas, creativity, and investment.

🔘Employees: Growth depends on promotion and promotion.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: It takes hard work to become an entrepreneur.

🔘Employees: It’s much easier remaining an employee.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: There’s no limit to how far one can go.

🔘Employees: Growth can be limited by age, time, or the system.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: They create jobs

🔘Employees: They don’t create jobs, but safely work for others and organizations.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: They are usually creative and innovative

🔘Employees: Creativity is secondary; orders and directives is what is followed.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: No retirement

🔘Employees: Retirement is part of the deal.

đŸ”čEntrepreneurs: Not entitled to retirement benefits

🔘Employees: Entitled to retirement benefits.

Having known these, you would be able to choose either to be a true entrepreneur or an employee.


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