FastidiousDrops: LeBron Wins Edition G


In a keenly contested %100 online voting process a winner of the #FastidiousDrops edition G has emerged.

With a whooping 302 votes @lebbystrider, LeBron as he is
known on stage (full names Ezekiel Miracle) a graduate of Osisatech Polytechnic Enugu from Imo state has proven his versatility on most new media platforms.



Ezekiel Miracle started rapping since 2012. He later switched to Gospel, December 2017. “Only when we thought no 8 (winner on Facebook) would be overall winner, Lebron proofed us wrong by amassing votes on Twitter and Instagram” said Wonne Afronelly, the organizer of the FastidiousDrops.

She added “All top 5 songs would be aired on radio this Friday, don’t miss the edition”

“We receive songs from Port Harcourt, across Nigeria and

To enter next chart DM!

#primNproperA #CapacityBuilding

#Ladies #Gentlemen #BlissOctano #Afronelly #IamVerdant ”


Listen to the song that won the contest here, ‘Letter to God’ by LeBron ft Debbie:


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