Girls In Business

It gives me joy whenever I come across girls, ladies or women in businesses. I mean businesses, generally regarded to be reserved for the male. In the formal sector, there seem to be some level of gender balance, but in the informal sector, there’s is still a great deficit and more to be achieved. The purpose of this post is not to advocate gender balance, but to push for a more inclusive female participation in entrepreneurship, for the general benefits of all.

One good thing about businesses in Nigeria, is the ease of starting businesses, without much regulations or licensing.

It’s common to see girls plying and limiting themselves to trades in: Pedicure, Bridals, Braiding, Make-up, and other lady-related activities.

I’m talking about diffusion of focus, from lady-related activities to everybody-related activities.

Girls can also explore the following business activities: Barbing business, Laptop repair, Forex trading, Plumbing, Sports analysis, Programming, Grass Cutter farming, Dog breeding, Vegetable farming, Furniture making, Wall paper installation, Men’s wears, Computer lessons, etc.

👜Barbing business: It’s on record that female professional barbers usually have more clients than their male counterparts. These few female barbing professionals, make more money than their male counterparts. Ladies, what are you waiting for? Acquire this skill, and create the atmosphere you desire. Here in Nigeria, no licencing is required, only your skills.

👜Sports Analysis: The soccer show business is heavily dominated by the male, no wonder, the few female in the industry are always smiling to the bank. As a lady, if you love soccer, there is an opportunity for you to become a celebrated sports analyst. There is a large market share for ladies in this industry, its still untapped for you people. Many tv/radio stations love hosting female soccer analysts and presenters. All you need is to improve your knowledge in the field, but be sure to love soccer first.

👜Dry Cleaning Services: Nigerian ladies are generally hardworking. If as a lady in your home, you can hand-wash a basin of clothes with so much ease, why can’t you do it for others and get paid for your services? Start a laundry and dry cleaning business. You can even start from your home, today. The concept is this: Don’t do both the washing and ironing yourself, get someone to assist you in one area, maybe ironing. Create adverts around, improve your services and explore other opportunities.

👜Men’s Native Wears: This is another untapped business opportunity for ladies. There’s much profit here. As a lady fashion designer, specializing in men’s wear, you will never lack clients. All that is required here is your skill, make sure you are good at your work. Be really good!

Be professional!

👜Grass Cutter Farming: This is another smart business in the big cities in Nigeria. One grown grass cutter costs for as much as N5,000; this is because, the meat is of great nutritional benefits and tastes better than chicken or beef. With a little capital, and training, one can start this wonderful business. The cost of running this business is quite low, as grass cutters feed on all manners of left-over vegetables.

👜Dog Breeding: This is another big business for city people and pet lovers. For safety reason; I would advice you go for pet dogs, not the haywired security type of dogs.

Cost of feeding: You can reduce cost by engaging some restaurant owners, for safe left-overs. Safe! With proper medications, you are good to go. You can start with one male, three female.

Ladies, don’t limit yourselves, keep exploring!



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