Your Only Marketing Strength

There is a saying in my clime: “Good product markets itself”.

The question is this: What is a good product?

A product can be considered good or bad only when it is compared with other similar products.

The important terms here are: Similar and Compare.

Your ability to market a product is purely based on what the product has to offer when COMPARED to other SIMILAR products.

It is called the marketability of a product.

If your product is not offering something better, why would a consumer forgo other dozens of known products for yours? Except the consumers are your family members.

The point is this: If you must market a product, be sure to emphasize on the Strength of the product.

Your Emphasis should be on what makes your product better than other dozens of similar products available in the market.

If you do not have something tangible to tell about your product, please wait until you do.

I call it Point of Marketing (POM).


1. Panadol XT is better than the rest of other pain relievers, because it relieves headache faster.

“Faster” is the word, and it’s the POM.

2. Detergent ZY is better than the rest, because it is milder on jeans.

Be specific. “Milder on jeans”

3. The toothpaste is better than the rest, because it is a herbal medicinal product.

“Herbal and medicinal” good for health.

4. We offer high quality and convenient dry cleaning services, at a lesser price compared to the rest.

“Quality, yet more affordable”

5. The ice cream tastes good, but I’m more attracted to how well packaged it looks.

“Well packaged”

If your products or services have nothing extra to offer, work on it until you have something to tell the consumers.

Finally, your POM is your marketing password.

POM = Point of Marketing, and that is your only marketing strength.

Good evening!


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