The Problem With Most Nigerian Barbing Businesses

The biggest turn-off for most people visiting a barbing salon, amongst others, is poor hygiene. When I moved to a new town, I have had to stop patronizing two barbers just because I perceived that they never took hygiene seriously. Irrespective of whether one visits a salon with a personal clipper or not, hygiene will always be hygiene. Barbing business is a regular seller, but poor packaging can hamper the growth of a skilled professional barber.

A typical example of a dirty salon

Poor hygiene is scaring your clients, they may not complain to you, but surely they will run…,and never look back.

If you have interest in starting a barbing business in Nigeria, having chosen your target market, then consider the following packaging concept:

1. Keep those clippers clean and sterilized at all times.

2. Keep those barbing clothes clean, washed and mildly scented at all times.

3. Be neat and well dressed at all times (You and your employees may consider a dress code)

4. While at work, do not become a talkative, don’t argue politics. Be frofessional, and mind your business.

5. Always clean and sterilize your combs, brushes and others after use.

6. Make sure disinfectants are handy and readily available.

7. Make your salon airy.

8. Eating, alcohol, smoking and gossips shouldn’t be allowed in a salon.

9. All barbers are expected to be highly courteous, patients and respectful.

10. Make sure you have some business cards always at your disposal.

11. If you must play music, make it cool.

12. A salon is a business place, anyone who has no business there should be shown the exit door.

13. Choose a good location.


The only way to grow your market share is by not losing ONE.

Barbing business is one of the best businesses around here…


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