Amendment Tailoring: Smart Campus Business

The Dependence on financial support from home can be quite frustrating for students, especially those from lower income homes. It is advisable for such students to seek legitimate side hustles to support their education while on campus.

Amendment Tailoring comes handy.

Most students are in the habit of amending their new clothes. It is very common to see students amending their trousers, skirts and shirts.

One single amendment, no matter how little, costs about N100.

Steps to follow:

1. Learn how to use a sewing machine, everything is learnable.

2. Buy a second-hand sewing machine, it doesn’t cost much.

3. Get a good location, preferably at the school gate, front of a hostel, or anywhere around the campus with high foot traffic.

4. At your location, stay under an umbrella and spend your spare time running your business.



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