Moi Moi Special : Another Campus Business

Moi moi with egg

If you don’t want to continue depending on that little token you receive monthly from those at home, then consider this side business. Moi moi is a nutritious snacks commonly eaten in Nigeria. It’s made from beans. This snacks, if well prepared can be very appealing to all.

This can be a stress-free side hustle for any student who enjoys cooking. This could be your first step into entrepreneurship.

Moi moi

Simple steps:

1. Learn how to prepare sumptuous, yet affordable moi moi.

2. Be neat both on-campus or off-campus.

3. Package your snacks with a sense of adventure.

4. Get a good location somewhere around the campus.

5. Make it affordable for students. You can sell a combo (moi moi & sachet water) for N100 or N150

5. Create adverts around, tell people around, tell your course mates.



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