Home Mathematics Tutorials: Business

This is one of those businesses one can start without any capital. Most parents these days have found the need for a differentiated form of tutoring for their kids. A private home tutor can take care of the child’s special learning ability, unlike the cooperative or general form of learning that does not focus on individuality.

Mathematics, for ages has always been a big challenge to many kids. There is a huge market for mathematics teachers here.


1. Know your target market (Middle class earners are most likely to hire private tutors)

2. Be professionally responsible (When clients grant you entry into their homes, focus on the job you are called to do, and leave the house immediately after)

3. Do not create unnecessary familiarity, don’t call the kids pet names (call them by their names)

4. Show some patience and understanding with each child.

5. You must not appear needy and desperate.

6. Create quality adverts (Use address, full name, and phone number)

NOTE: You should adjust your social media accounts to align with your teaching work, as clients can check you out any time.

7. Be neat and simple in your dressing.



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