Fish for Money: Real Business

Fish farming is certainly one of the most lucrative farming businesses in Nigeria. The government is on the move to ban the importation of fish into the country, so this makes it even more advantageous for anybody who is willing and bold enough to take a dive.

Fish farming for money is known as aquaculture.

Here are some steps to follow, for those who are interested:

1. Training: Get trained in fish farming. One month of intensive training should be enough.

2. Species: Go for the species that are in high demand, that yields more and faster profits.

3. Pond Type: Your choice of pond will be determined by the land available to you. There are basically 3 types commonly in use: Concrete pond, earthen pond and tarpaulin/plastic pond.

If you own the land, concrete pond is good for you. Concrete pond lasts longer.

Earthen pond is good, but requires more attention and monitoring, as your fish can exposed to preys.

Tarpaulin pond: This type can be used anywhere, it’s very mobile. If you want to start from your backyard, I recommend a tarpaulin pond for you, especially if you are on rent.

4. Water: Fish lives in water. It is very important you make adequate arrangement for water supply. Bore-hole or well-water can serve.

5. Choose a department: There are different categories: fingerlings, juveniles and adults. Which of them do you plan to raise, farm and sell?

6. Marketing: As soon as possible, make sure to establish a marketing link. Relate with other fish farmers, find out how, where, and when.

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