Spinach “green”: The Money Spinner

Spinach farm

Spinach is a green leafy vegetables commonly grown in temperate regions. In Nigeria, the crop is popularly known as “green” by many. Spinach or green, as it’s popularly called can grow in every part of Nigeria, but the consumption rate seem higher in the northern part of Nigeria. However, in the city of Abuja (Capital of Nigeria), almost all the city dwellers are in love with this vegetable. This special vegetable can be used when preparing: vegetable soup, vegetable yam, vegetable rice, pottage beans, noodles, etc.

The crop is rich in minerals and vitamins.

The best time to grow this crop for money is during dry season, from October to early April.

Caution: Please, as you make huge profits from the sales of the special crop, for safety reasons, quickly deposit the money in the bank. Lol!

1. Know your target market (Grow the crop in states where there’s high demand for it. Example: Abuja and Minna

2. Make sure you have a dependable water supply source. During dry season, the crop consumes a lot of water. They are usually watered every evening.

3. Marketing: There are vegetable retailers in the nearby markets, meet them and introduce your business to them.

4. If it’s your first time, it is advisable you learn from someone who is experienced in growing the crop. Don’t rush it, learn first.

5. Requirements : A piece of land, water and required knowledge.

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