Fruit Vending/Retailing: Unbelievably Profitable

Fruit vending is one of those silent and mostly overlooked businesses that is sure to put N3,500 daily in your pocket. Everybody eats fruits, this the more reason you should consider starting this mini-business. I was told of a man who made at least, N11,000 daily in the highbrow area of Asokoro, Abuja from retailing fruits.

It doesn’t take much to start this business, what matters most is your choice of location.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Know your target market. (If you are resident in Abuja, let your target be on people resident in the city centre). Those who live in the city centre, who are mainly the middle to upper-middle class earners eat fruits a lot, they understand the need to eat healthy.

Yes! In the city centre, street businesses are usually disallowed by relevant authorities, but there are usually some slim exceptions in some places. Go into the streets and check out for yourself how others are running their own businesses.

2. Locate your business close to worship centres, or street junctions. You don’t need a shop to run this business, find a good location, and start under an umbrella.

3. Be neat and hygiene conscious

4. Fruits like Pawpaw, water melon, pineapples, and oranges are usually in high demand.

5. With a little as N7,000, one can start this business. It’s very profitable. You can start with two fruits. Example : Watermelon and pineapples.

Explore other opportunities.

Good luck!

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