Grass Cutter Farming: Profitable Business, Start With N70,000 Capital.

Grass cutter farming is one of the most lucrative agro businesses in Nigeria. The meat is very much in demand. This is not unconnected with its high nutritional benefits. Grass cutter meat is said to be healthier than beef, pork or even chicken. An adult grass cutter is sold between N10,000 – N12,000. The good thing about this business is the low risks and expenses involved in keeping and rearing the animal. Grass cutters feed on grasses, and these grasses are commonly found around us. They also feed on vegetable left-overs, water melon peels, and sugar cane. The animals do not constitute environmental pollution like the poultry, and their survival rate is quite high. A colony of grass cutters is made up of 1 male: 4 females.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Get trained on it: Within 2-weeks you should be equipped enough to start your own.

2. Always go for the high quality breeds. The local breed are not good for business, because they yield very little.

One female from the high quality breed of grass cutters can give birth to about 13 babies yearly.

3.They are mostly kept in metal-mesh cages.

4. Big restaurants, hotels and some individuals are your potential clients. The middle-class and upper middle-class earners are waiting for your supplies.

5. You can start with a colony ( 1 male and 2 females), which costs a little below N60,000.

6. You can easily start this business from your backyard.

Explore other opportunities.

Good luck!

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