Akara (Beans Cake) Mini-Restaurant: Highly Profitable

Akara is a snack that is commonly eaten in Nigeria. This snack is certainly older than every other snacks in Nigeria. Its nutritional benefits makes it a snack for all. Akara is made from beans pastes which is mixed with other ingredients, moulded into a small ball-like shape and later gets fried in a fresh vegetable oil. This snack is usually eaten by many, mostly in the morning and later in the evening. Unlike other restaurant businesses, this business is quite stress-free to run.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Learn to prepare akara today: It’s very easy to learn.

2. Identify your target market: People who leave for work quite early such as contract workers, civil servants, traders. Everybody eats akara.

3. Get a good location: Locate your business where you can be seen by people who are either going or returning from work.

3. Be modern: Use a gas cooker. It’s cheaper, more convenient and environmentally friendlier.

4. Be neat, always be in a neat apron, with your hair neatly covered.

5. Akara is usually garnished with some sauces, so always prepare a tasty and well seasoned sauce. Many people like eating Akara and bread or Akara and Pap, so make sure bread and pap are always available.

6. Be open to the demands of your customers, and make adjustments where necessary.

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