Graphics Design: A Business For Every Smart Student

Almost every advertisements these days has a touch of a graphic designer. Graphic designing can be applied in printing the following: I.D cards, business cards, calendars, customized books, customized T-shirts, banners, wedding cards etc.

If you own a computer system, it’s easy to learn. All you need is some knowledge in the use of CorelDraw.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. CorelDraw: Learn the use of CorelDraw, within 2months of intensive training, I’m sure you will become an expert. Be seriously interested.

2. All you need is a computer system, and the basic knowledge.

3. The printing works: You don’t need to own the heavy printers, as they are usually expensive. The concept is this: when you are contracted by a client to do some works, use your computer system to do the designing, then transfer to a flash drive. Take the flash drive to a printing mill, and print your works. You do the designing part, while another does the printing part. At the end of the work, you pay the printing company, while you pocket the remaining money.

4. Create adverts around. Let people know you are now a graphics designer. Approach business owners, and always remind them about the need for a better customized outdoor advertisements. Let them know they should change their banners from time to time. Tell them how you can help them improve their business outlook and increase sales, using graphics design.

5. Be creative, with your laptop as a student, you can make good money.

6. Relate with other skilled graphics designers, get more knowledge from them.




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