When Your Motto Speaks Different: Business

A motto is said to be a phrase meant to formally summarize the general motivation or intention of a business, group or organization.

“When Your Motto Speaks Different”.

For a while, I was bored at home. One evening, I decided to take a stroll across a street not too far from home. As I passed through a recreational park, my attention was drawn to a new restaurant opening. I stopped for a while, trying to scan through the restaurant’s banner and looking at the Motto, which read ” …making you feel at home”, I hissed and continued my walk. Lol!

I knew that was not the right place for me at that moment: I had just left home because I was somewhat bored, now, here is a new restaurant in the neighbourhood promising to offer me the same HOME FEELING. So what’s the difference?

Many business owners do not quite understand the importance of having an appealing maxim.

Your motto is a brief representation of your mission statement.

The following seem a little more appealing:

“…a soothing experience”

“…refreshingly different ”

“…truly refreshing”

Sometimes, a more generic maxim works real good. Example: “…a soothing experience” can work for all.

People go on holidays and vacations touring cities, because they want to experience something new, a new experience or a different feeling.

It’s always important that your motto does speak your intended language and to your target audience.

Most clients will usually come in contact with your business maxim, even before having a taste/test of your products or services.

Keep it updated!


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