Pop Corn Station: Campus Business

Pop corn is a snack leisurely eaten by many. Most times people eat pop-corn just to keep the mouth tastefully busy, not really because they are hungry.

This is one of the businesses you can start today, even with a little capital.

A cup of pop-corn that cost N120 can yield as much as N500 profit. Now, you can imagine how much one can make when the demand is high.

Location plays a very important role in this business, just like any other.

This is a sure campus biz.

Follow these steps:

1. Get the necessary items: mini-electric popping machine, or the gas type (It’s usually sold in the markets as a unit)

2. Proper packaging: Use a finer wrapping material. If you must use a poly bag, make sure it’s the colored type ( blue, pink or yellow). Don’t sell your pop-corn in black poly bags.

3. Don’t just retail tasteless pop-corn, do mix your popped corn with powdered milk and sugar, it makes it tastier. Eating pop corn with fried groundnut can be quite tasteful, you should consider having some groundnut by the side.

4. You do not need to rent a shop. Locate your small business in any safe, clean and busy area (areas with high foot traffic). I hope you get permission from relevant body(ies) to allow you a space.

You can ply this business under an umbrella.

Do not limit yourself, explore other opportunities



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