Becoming A Chef In Nigeria: Coded Business

A chef is a person who is skilled in preparing a variety of dishes. It takes passion to be in this business, as it’s for those who enjoy cooking. There’s huge opportunity in waiting for anybody who is willing to take a bold dive into this business.

If you love cooking, it’s time to upgrade yourself and start making good and steady income. If you don’t love cooking, it’s time to develop interest.

Very few people are aware that some professional chefs earn above N150,000 monthly.

A chef can work for rich individuals, mega hotels or can own a cuisine business.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Everything can be learnt, when passion is involved. Look for a notable chef, and get trained. You can also enrol for the program.

2. This business is for skilled chefs who are hygiene conscious. Your general life-style as a chef can impact on how you are perceived by potential clients.

3. Packaging: Your ability to creatively adhere to the codes or ethics of your profession can really make you outstanding.

4. Location: City people are the ones who mostly patronize your services. You surely need to relocate to a city where you can become more useful. In Nigeria, cities like Abuja, Lagos, or Portharcout are places to be.

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