Language Teacher: Another Business

This is for those who speak more than one foreign language. If you can fluently speak more than one foreign language, it’s time you start making money teaching one or two languages. In Nigeria, English language is the only generally accepted foreign language widely spoken, this makes other foreign languages even more desirable by a host of the traveling population.

It’s no longer news that Nigerians are the most travelled people in Africa.

There are many Nigerians who are willing to pay for classes to learn foreign languages such as French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Japanese etc.

The fact is this: globalization is pushing people into improving and expanding their social circle, and learning new languages is a major way of achieving that.

It’s time to use the knowledge you have to make cool money.

Can you imagine having ten regular students monthly, who pay N20,000 each?

N20,000 × 10 =N200,000 monthly.

Steps to follow:

1. Rent a conducive classroom for your students. You can also offer home tutorial services.

Note: Teaching requires passion.

2. Target market: Your target clients are majorly the middle-class earners. These people are more likely to have international passports.

3. Create regular adverts, using every available means at your disposals.

4. Be professional. Be internationally classy and verse.

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