Backyard Laundry Services: Regular Business

Laundry business is certainly one of the few businesses with little or no failure rate. This business is very lucrative, and it doesn’t cost much to start up.

If you have been doing your own laundry for a while, you already have the basic skill needed to ply this trade.

When you do your own laundry, you save money. When you do laundry for others, you make money.

The idea is this: Start from your backyard, car garage, bathroom…,anywhere!

Your hand is the best washing machine, use it or start with it.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Acquire the skill: Attach yourself to a Laundry man for few months, this will enable you learn the full trade pattern( Washing, ironing and packaging).

2. Office/factory: You can operate from home, backyard, or garage.

3. Target Market: Middle-class earners( those people are usually too busy with their jobs).

4. Cost of Serbice: Keep your service fees low and affordable.

5. Home Delivery: Find a convenient means of providing your clients with a home pick- up and delivery services.

6. Advertisement: Create quality adverts, using banners and flyers…,etc.

7.Do not do everything all by yourself, employ someone to assist you where


6. Be professional

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