Job Recruitment Services : Business

There are thousands of job seekers roaming the streets of Abuja and other cities seeking for both formal and informal jobs. The following jobs amongst others are commonly sought after: Private driving job, house-help job, teaching jobs, private security job, hotel jobs, sales jobs, gardeners etc.

Your work as a recruiter is to refer job seekers to prospective employers who need their services, while you get your commission.

A job recruiter is the middleman who links a job seeker to an employer.

Here are some steps to follow

1. Get your organisation registered with CAC (Cooperate Affairs Commission).

2. Get a good location: Rent a small office space, it could be in a park or even in a small tent.

3. Create Employers adverts: Introduce your services to business owners, hotel managers, school proprietors, private individuals. Establish contacts with employers first.

4. Job Seekers adverts: Having established contacts with prospective employers, it’s time to invite job seekers. Create adverts that tells jobs seekers “there’s vacancy”. Example: A private company is in need of an experienced driver…,call: 0801000***

5. Make sure to always have the full data (names, address, passport, gender) of each job seeker who comes to you.

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