Lean The Lesson Of Your Life From The Feeding Of Piglets (Video)

Life is full of everything everywhere every time. It is full of challenges, surprises, opportunities, lessons and more. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are all that are required to survive any of the faces that life might choose to showcase. Wisdom and her sisters, though are highly placed but are usually gotten from lowly placed platforms. 

The lesson of life can be learnt anywhere and at anytime. It might be taught in classrooms, homes, workplaces, pen, den, shops, roads, flights, to mention but a few. 

The video in this post shows where piglets are feeding. The feed are scattered on the feeding trough at different positions to serve many piglets at the same time. Each piglet struggles to find what to eat. Some are seen moving from one location to another while few concentrated at a particular point.

What can one learn from this feeding behaviours?

First of all, let us liken the pig pen to the society, piglets to people and the scattered feed as career. The career here could be person’s direction, endeavour, occupation or any part one chooses. 

In the society we found ourselves today, people’s major objective is to survive just like the piglets. And fortunately, there are several legitimate ways to survive just as there are several feeding points for the piglets. There are several careers available, so many business opportunities, so many ways to that journey. 

Where we are having problem is in consistency, determination and focus. Just like many piglets which refused to focus on one point, rather they moved from one point to another, so also many people in the society today move from one career to another without making any remarkable achievement.

Those wavering pigs spend most of the feeding time on movement, while the intelligent few concentrate at one point, spending their feeding time judiciously. 

Why not learn from this and amend your living style. Stop parading from one career to another, from one business to another, from one direction to another. It would rather waste your time instead of achieving your aim timely.

Imagine that you want to get to Port Harcourt from Enugu. But there are several routes from Enugu to Port Harcourt. You could decide to go through Aba or Owerri. It would be senseless and waste of precious time after you had decided to take the Aba route and had continued in the journey, but later after you were close to Aba, changed your mind to go back and follow the Owerri alternative. 

I believe the solution is to make an initial critical analysis of the routes to follow in life and then choose the one that best suit your talents and lifestyle and follow it with full determination and focus consistently, in order to achieve the desired goal in life. 


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