Rochas Calls For Reconciliation Among Igbos

Rochas Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha has called on Ohanaeze Ndigbo to embrace peace among them and seek the face of God. He also warn them of playing partisan politics. He further commented on Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s recent statement with politicians, describing it as most embarrassing.

Okorocha stated this through his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo, when the National Organizing Committee for the 2018 Igbo Day Celebration led by Gregory Ibe, visited him at government House Owerri.

The statement reads: “Governor Rochas Okorocha has called on Ohanaeze Ndigbo to Champion Reconciliation among the Igbos, and also set out a day for atonement for Ndigbo, stating that the Igbos need God more than anything else.

“The governor also advised the body to distance itself from partisan politics to avoid Ndigbo losing when the Party or Candidate the organization supports loses,

“Ohanaeze should be smart when it comes to the issue of partisan politics so that no matter the Candidate or the Party that wins, Ohanaeze can move in to do the needful.

“I have told the National President of Ohanaeze about the need for Ohanaeze to Champion Reconciliation among Igbos.

“I said at Evan Enwerem’s book launch, Jim Nwobodo and Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu were there, that when I was growing up, all I heard was that Iwuanyanwe never saw eye to eye with Enwerem. Jim Nwobodo never saw eye to eye with Ekwueme. I asked Iwuanyanwu, where is Enwerem today to fight and Jim, where is Ekwueme to fight ?

“This ugly development has been transferred from your generation to my generation. Rochas Okorocha and Ngige. Obi and Obiano, and so on. So, our generation has also taken that way.

“And we are not helping matters. So there should be a very emotional moment for everyone in form of reconciliation. And Onanaeze should champion it.

“There should also be an atonement for Ndigbo. There could be a prayer programme for atonement for Ndigbo. Igbos need God and God is closer to them.

“There is need for Ndigbo to bow down their heads in adoration to the Most High God and Ohanaeze can champion that. We must begin to do things a bit differently. We can do something new. This is where I specially disagree with the elite of Igboland. Let’s try something new since there is no harm in failure, but an invitation to start again.

“My heart sometimes bleeds for the Igbo nation and when I see you people, I tell you how I feel. One of our major pivots upon which the wheels or faith of the Igbo man revolves is the Church and it has also been tainted.

“Look at the statement by Mbaka of recent, it’s the most embarrassing, but nobody will speak out. We must act quickly now under the present ugly situation before we destroy the psyche of Ndigbo yet unborn.”

The governor accepted to host the Igbo day celebration saying, “I am excited to host Ndigbo and I am prepared to host them. As you are aware, we have been making every attempt to unite Ndigbo over the years. And years and years, it has always looked like there is no light at the dark end of the tunnel. We must keep trying in pursuit of peace. There’s no end to it.”


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