Aisha Buhari: Nigeria’s First Female President

Aisha Buhari

Nigeria political complexity makes it very difficult for a female president to emerge, many political analysts agree. The complexity is as a result of several factors that need to play out during elections. Political maturity, cultural and religious belief, financial capacity, tribalism, political will, the African mindset and the ‘Nigerian factor’ all play a crucial role in the outcome of elections.

Before now, we were used to hearing about the office of the First Lady, but who wished to be in the office of the First Gentleman? That is the African mindset playing a role with the cultural and religious belief.

The cries of marginalization are everywhere, North, South, East and West. Every region displaying its own nature of tribalism – the-leader-must-come-from-here sickness. This is the biggest Nigerian factor.

The level of poverty and hardship in the country makes many politicians take the advantage and resort to buying of votes to win elections. This implies that financial capabilities of candidates play the biggest role in winning election, although the government is now ‘fighting’ against vote buying.

In the minds of Nigerian people, all politicians are the same, regardless of their political parties. They believe that the group in Party A today were the ones in party B yesterday. So what’s the difference? No doubt, political parties in Nigeria might have their ideologies, but they don’t accept membership from a politician based on his/her political ideology. What they look after is his/her money and/or loyalists base. As a result, there are confusion everywhere; you don’t know who to believe or disbelieve. Then the quick solution is to categorize all Nigerian politicians as one, calling them selfish, stingy and corrupt.

Amazingly, Nigerians have eschewed all these factors to clamour for the election of the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari as the President of the country. If this call is answered, Aisha Buhari will be the Nigeria’s first female president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is not prophecy but destiny. Aisha Buhari has refused to follow the part of many Nigerian politicians who fight for power but truth runs away from them, rather she chose to fight for truth while power runs towards her.

Countless occasions had the wife of the president come out publicly to put the wrongs of the administration right without fear of favour. This is unprecedented. It shows the level of her courage, political willingness, selflessness, competency, motherhood, and patriotism.

This call of her presidency is already receiving momentum in the southern part of Nigeria especially in Port Harcourt. Even this week, in a Wazobia FM Port Harcourt program, Nigerians have called for Aisha Buhari’s presidency. They are no longer after the part of the country she came from or her gender, rather they are looking for the true leadership in her.
Aisha Buhari might not have been fighting for justice because of her interest in presidency, but destiny must be fulfilled. This is not a prophecy, I repeat, but a mandate given by Justice with people’s support.

Therefore, I am not in any way saying that the female candidates contesting in the 2019 presidential election will not win the presidency, but I am afraid that Nigerian structure has turned the political atmosphere into a two-party system. It has made it very difficult for any third force to survive.

Pending the day independent candidacy will be recognised by INEC, I believe Aisha Buhari will be wise enough to maintain presence in any of the two ‘existing’ parties in Nigeria to ensure that this people’s hope is not lost.


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