How Relevant Is Your Idea?

More often than not, the desire by young entrepreneurs to pitch their trade beside what they assume to be “their talent” or passion, does not always yield the desired objectives.

Money is the primary reason/goal for being in business.

Passion is never enough

Talent is never enough

Skill is never enough

Then, what’s enough?

You really want to know?

This is what is enough: ” Relevant skills” or “Relevant business”

Your idea must be relevant

Be reminded: Doctors are doctors, because they are trained to be doctors, and their services are highly relevant.


How relevant are your ideas?

1. Is it saleable?

2. Who are your buyers?

3. How big is the market now?

4. How big will the market be in the nearest future?

5. Do you have the required skills?

A relevant idea is the idea that brings money and more money… money is the driving force in any businesses

Is it relevant?

If it’s not relevant, jettison and go for that which is… you surely need money, even more of it!



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