Atiku’s Kangaroo Trip to U.S.A Is An Attempt To Score Cheap Political Point -APC UK

The United Kingdom Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says Abubakar Atiku’s visit to the United States is an attempt to score cheap political point and would not change Nigerians perception about him.

Mr Ade Omole, Leader, APC UK chapter said this while reacting to the development in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja.

Mr Paul Ibe, Atiku’s media adviser, in a statement said Atiku, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate, left Nigeria on Thursday for the U.S. He was accompanied by the Director General of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation and President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki.

Mr. Ibe said that Atiku would hold meetings with U.S officials, the business community and the Nigerian community.

However Omole faulted the claim, describing the visit as a kangaroo trip meant to score cheap political gain, adding that Nigerians are wise enough to read between the lines and could not be hoodwinked by such untoward arrangement.

“Abubakar Atiku certainly has reasons for not visiting the U.S in the past years, especially because of corruption allegation against him,” he said.

He recalled that records at the U.S congress had it that Atiku engaged in money laundering through his wife who was resident in the country.

Omole maintained that Atiku’s entry into the U.S. is a mockery of President Bush’s Presidential Proclamation 7750 which affirmed denial of entry VISA to foreign officials involved in corrupt practices by the congress.

He, however, said that Atiku’s visit to America would not absolve him of the corruption allegation which had been hanging on him.

Omole said, “Whether he visits U.S., or outer space, it doesn’t change anything in Nigeria, the electorate have already made up their minds to re-elect President Buhari for a second term come Feb. 16.”

He further said that the questionable character of an individual no matter how highly placed he may be, does not evaporate by a mere visit to America.

He added that an individual with questionable character remains so no matter where he visited at any given time, especially if such visit is to score political point, noting that while Atiku is busy trying to prove himself clean from corruption allegations with his U.S visit, Buhari is busy campaigning to Nigerians on why he should be re-elected.

He claimed that the APC had continued to use its scorecard and achievements in all sectors to campaign to Nigerians on why Buhari should be re-elected to consolidate on his achievements.


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