INEC Approves Continuation of Campaigns

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has approved that campaigns ahead of Saturday’s presidential and National Assembly elections should continue.

The elections which were scheduled to hold on February 16 were postponed six hours before they were to commence. The presidential and National Assembly elections were shifted to February 23 while the state elections were shifted to March 9.

The INEC chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, gave reasons for the postponement to include problems with distribution of materials across the country.

During his press briefing on Saturday, Mr Yakubu also said campaigns, which had ended a day to last Saturday based on the electoral law, remained suspended.

His announcement has been criticised by Nigerians and the two leading political parties, APC and PDP.

Based on electoral law, campaigns should end a day before the elections. The parties argued that since the elections now hold on February 23, the campaigns should continue to midnight on Thursday.

In compliance with electoral law and the requests of the parties, INEC on Monday evening announced a shift in its stance.

INEC said it consulted with political parties and has “approved that campaigns by parties and candidates can resume forthwith to end by midnight of Thursday, 21st February 2019.”


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